The complete Food & Beverage Solution

An integrated ordering and management solution for the food and beverage industry.

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Online Ordering

Get your own online store for web & Facebook as well as a branded mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Apple Watch & Apple TV, featuring order taking, rewards, contests, real-time order tracking and more.


In-Store Ordering

Order taking within store through an easy to use POS, PDA for servers, Kiosk Ordering, Table Ordering as well as support for Call Centers.


Order Management

Complete order management with flexible order routing within the store to kitchen displays or printers, alerts for delayed orders and central management for single or multiple locations.


Product Management

Product and raw material management offering easy updates on pricing & availability, low stock warnings, automatic consumption, quick inventory counts and automated processes for purchasing and receiving goods from suppliers.



Advanced routing system for delivery orders with automated assignment to drivers, detailed time reports as well as a native mobile application for drivers for managing the orders and tracking the fleet in real time.


Staff Management

Easy management and monitoring of staff with multiple access levels and features including recruitment, scheduling, clocking, expense approvals as well as a separate employee portal.


Marketing Tools

Smart tools for exploiting your data and approaching customers with personalized offers, vouchers, rewards and contests as well as complaint management and automatic customer segmentation based on buying habits.


Communication Tools

Automated, transactional or mass communication tools to engage your customers or leads via Push Notifications, Email or SMS as well as digital signage module to communicate new products and offers on store monitors.



Wide range of reports for all system functions supporting graphs, heatmaps, geographical reports and period comparisons that help in increasing service quality, sales and operational efficiency.



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Average daily orders through echo


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Case Studies

  • Complete F&B solution including Online Ordering through Web, Mobile & TV App, in 12 countries
  • Within 6 years digital sales accounted for over 60%, 
up from 10% of total sales
  • ROI: Call centre staff gradually reduced by 70%
  • Push notification campaigns, past weekly campaigns cost $8000 with CTR<2%, ROI: New campaigns now cost $0 with CTR 17%

Case Studies

  • Over 155 stores.
  • Create & name your custom coffee and place it on your home screen for a 3-tap ordering!
  • New Rewards program, physically visit stores to collect coffee ingredients and once you have all of them, exchange them for a free coffee voucher.
  • Mikel Live Radio to listen to the best hits, even when you run the app on the background.

Case Studies

  • Restaurant chain in Iceland & Denmark bringing healthy food to your door.
  • Food tailored to the customer’s ever-growing needs for a healthy diet.
  • This service is in place to capture the new market dynamics in Europe, which is the largest market for meat substitutes with 39% of global sales, promoting an environment-friendly and vegetarian lifestyle

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